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I have X Plane 11.  We are using it for instrument training.  Works very well but VSI is way to sensitive to the point we cover it up.  Is there a way to adjust it.  We have turned the sensitivity all the way down.  I cannot find a setting just for VSI adjustments.  Is there a place to make that adjustment.
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"We have turned the sensitivity all the way down."

How did you do that?
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I am on a trip but under aircraft sensitivity you can adjust it which clams the aircraft down making it fly like the real aircraft.  The only instrument that is not realistic is the VSI.  Yes the VSI in the Cessna should have a delay and not be so sensitive, unfortunately this VSI acts like a IVSI with a very high degree of sensitivity, not realistic.  This is for the C712 aircraft I have not checked the other aircraft.

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If the VSI in a default aircraft does not reflect real world behavior, we'd definitely like to fix that. I am not aware of any way in the UI to adjust the instrument sensitivity. Please submit a bug report here with exact steps to reproduce the sim behavior and how it's different from real world behavior.

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Hi, I think I understand what you are talking about. In general aviation aircraft, The VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator) works with a pierced bottle of air. And the air passing through that hole "drives" the needle to indicate how fast the airplane is climbing or descending.

This gives a rather inacurate instrument, which has a lot of delay (about 2 seconds) and instructors tell their student pilots they shouldn't rely on it so much.

So I was wondering : would we get a more realistic behaviour of the VSI (for small aircraft) if the whole pressure system was mathematical modeled to calculate the value displayed by the VSI?