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Hi there,

I just got X-plane 9 shipped from Germany and installed it. I made sure the version was updated after the installation (9.70 now). The thing is that from the rendering options I can only select German, or French language settings (There are supposed to be 6 selectable languages here?). How can I change it to English? When I installed it I selected English, the programfiles, manuals, etc. are indeed English. When I open x-plane however, all the dropdown-menu's are in German. I'm from The Netherlands, so luckily i can read German, but any suggestions will be appreciated!


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I only have the X-Plane 9.70 demo, but I see (and can change to) 6 different languages. My only suggestion would be to re-run the updater to make sure you aren't missing any default files.
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I had a look in the programfiles and came across this logfile.. It's basicly an overview of all changed settings, errors, notifications etc.  There I found a complete list of 'plugin'-errors or something like that, having to do with the translation of the original text/menu's. And indeed, when I for instance open up the renderingoption menu, a couple of options (and explanation when placing your cursor on it) are still in English. The rest of them, like 95% is in German.

I tried reinstalling but without succes.. I figure this particular copy of X-plane is some German made edition. Unless someone else has a solution I think I will install the demo again from the x-plane site and place disc 1 to avoid it blocks your controls. That did work.

Does this sound familliar to anyone?

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