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I have MAC Sierra 10.12.6 and X-Plane.  I bought JAR Design A320 (download) and followed the instructions to install but it never worked.  (X Plane was working just fine beforehand).  The A320 cockpit loaded but before it even got to the stage where I had to enter my purchace code, it froze..also the mouse pointer would not work over xplane window.  

I deleted the A320 file and checked Xplane and it worked fine.

So I read a bit more and it appeared I needed to have the most up to date x-plane; so I updated that and now I have various Xplane folders all over my desktop which I never had before, my computer runs really slowly, including xplane which is running at about 50%speed.

I want to uninstall it and re-install it..I cannot find the answer to this simple question...'How do I uninstall Xplane?"


X Plane 10 by the way!

Thanks in anticipation.

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X-Plane is uninstalled by deleting it. It does not require running any program to do so. On Mac you can drag it to the trash then empty the trash to get rid of the install.

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