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I was wondering why most flights at any time of the day but not night time I can see a weird black/grey trail that doesn't seem to move. When I look at the map there is no aircraft shown where I can see the trail from. (Yes I have zoomed all the way out on map to try and see but nothing in the same area as the trail is there.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Attaching a screenshot of the issue might be most helpful.
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Okay Cheers,
I have taken a closer look at them and figured out that they are actually contrails from another plane but it is not working properly. I looked at one while still on the ground and watched it and it stayed in the exact same place for maybe 2 minutes before jumping forward a bit and doing the same again. What it looks like to me also is that there is a plane on fire and has a smoke trail behind it rather than a reasonable while contrail that is long and thing rather than thick and pretty short.

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