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Hi, I just attempted to start up X-Plane 10 this morning and the sim just wouldn't load and would crash as soon as I launched it. I checked the log to see what the problem is and it said that the X-Life plugin was causing it to crash, so I removed that plugin and then the sim loaded up without crashing, but it was like launching X-Plane for the first time. It took me to the tutorial at Seattle and reset all of my Preferences and controls like it was new. I still have all of my other add-ons and aircraft, but just my settings have reset and is like a new copy of X-Plane. Has this happened to anyone else before? I was just did a flight last night from EGCC - EHAM and I had no problems, but then this morning it did this. Why has this happened?

I have the newest version of X-Plane 10 on Steam.

Thank You For The Help

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Hi, I think once you restore your settings, everything will be back to normal. Possibly, uninstalling X-life deleted your preferences at the same time. For further information and help, I suggest you contact JarDesign instead.

Note that if you just changed your settings and X-plane doesn't quit properly (crash etc...), your settings will most likely not be saved.

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