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The Vans experimental airplanes were all working fine. Then suddenly, when any of them are loaded, the aircraft loads with engine running on tarmac and then the engine dies two seconds later. Fuel, pump, Mix=rich are good, although the mag switch no longer has the Off-Mag1-Mag2-On positions working, just Off-On. Only the Vans RV's seem to be affected. I even loaded a new version of the RV-10 from and it behaved the same way as the others (which came preloaded on XPlane) are now behaving. How do I resolve ?  Also, I'm seeing there is no config setting for start with engine running.

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Hi, it's a bit confusing because you wrote down X-plane 11 in the title.

Anyway, have you tried to run the installer again, to see if any file needs to be corrected?

A second option would be to try and delete (or move for backup) your X-plane 10\Output _Preferences folder. You will loose all your joystick and keyboards settings though.

There is no reason why it should stop working, because X-plane 10.51r2 has been the last version for almost a year now...