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Hello, I just bought, downloaded & installed X-Plane 11 today. But it does not work. At first attempt to start, updates have been offered which I accepted. Then After they also have been installed I tried the first start of the program. After the dataloading was finished there only is a Cessna cockpit (I assum it is a Cessna) visible for half of a second then you see an outside view of a Cessna over water for further half second and then the complete program close itself (shut down). What could be the reason? It is installed on Windows 7, 64bit, and a 2,4 Ght Intel Core i7 3630QM with NVIDI GeForce GT650M SLI (Lenovo Y500 Laptop). Thought I can fly a little this evening but fristrating experience. Actually I bought the X-Plane 10 some years ago. This startet but the Cessna always was roling after some seconds to the left (even on ground! Then it rolled to the left into the surface so that left wing was disappearing in the concrete!). Not beeing confrontated with this again I decided today to buy the newest version 11 but still no fun with it... Please help asap. Best Regards - Michael
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Hi Michael, can you include your Xplane 11/log.txt file?
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I have the same problem after the last update
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I can

hpvhh Hamburg Germany

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I was talking about the "...\X-plane 11\log.txt", not "the installer log.txt" you could find on the desktop.

Still, from your hardware configuration, don't expect a very smooth and pleasant experience, even with X-plane 11 graphic settings at minimum :

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