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In 11.5, a new Brussels Airport (EBBR) has been added in the list of default sceneries via the gateway. Unfortunately that scenery is way to basic and even the control tower is not correct.

But in XP there is already an EBBR by Aerosoft. That airport is OK  but is missing a lot of the actual appearance and lacks a lot of details.

On there is a freeware Brussels Airport which contains some mistakes (especially the alignment of the runways with orthofiles) but the amount of details equals a payware scenery: That scenery is rich and contains some typical objects as in the actual EBBR.

If I was asked to rate them in a scale from 1 to 10:

1. relicroy's freeware scenery: 8/10

2. Aerosoft's scenery bundled in XP: 6/10

3. Default EBBR in the gateway: 1/10

So the questions are:

– why are you adding a very basic EBBR if there is already one bundled (Aerosoft's) by default in XP?

– why don't you contact relicroy, the maker of the freeware Brussels Airport, to include that one in XP?

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EBBR from Aerosoft is still shipping with X-Plane 11, and is part of the custom scenery folder so it should actually be suppressing the Gateway version at this time. The Aerosoft version are all fairly old and have not been updated to use new features for X-Plane 11 as far as I know.

We take all Gateway submissions for all ICAO codes so that the default scenery is improved even if there is better custom scenery that hides it. Our hope is that eventually a higher quality Gateway submission will be available, and then we would remove the Aerosoft version. We would love for any freeware artist to submit their existing artwork to the Gateway but many times the packs available on other sites require third party libraries or art assets which goes against the mission of the Gateway.
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I understand. So relicroy's scenery can't make it because it uses external libraries, but for the moment the EBBR in the Gateway is so basic that even as basic I don't want it. You should then keep Aerosoft 's EBBR bundled.