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Since I updated to 11.05, I can't release the parking brake in the default 737. Pressing V or the button on my joystick assigned to toggle brakes maximum effort does nothing, and clicking the parking brake lever in the cockpit also does nothing. Thanks for your help.

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Strange, it works fine for me.

First, make sure the key is still assigned.

Then, if the problem doesn't come from there, you could try and delete (or move for backup) X-plane 11/Output/Preferences folder.

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Thanks, I have deleted the preferences folder then made sure the key is still assigned, unfortunately that didn't work and I still have no way to release the parking brake.
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And can you confirm your keyboard types v when you press v, in the notepad, for example?
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Hi, I have the same problem, could you solve it?

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I did. I needed to reinstall X-Plane again from scratch. That appeared to solve the issue.

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