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 i would really want to use my ZIBO 737-800 with EL AL livery but i cant find one. when i search for it on google i always see in the little text box under the title of the site the phrase EL AL in the xplane.org aircraft liverys but there are 360 pages and when i use the search tool it finds nothing.

can someone plzzz send ma a link to EL AL livery for the zibo or tell me with what softwere i can make liverys with zibo

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First of all, this web site is not for third party aircraft support.

That being said, I haven't downloaded the zibo B738, but it's possible that there is no livery difference between the default B738 and the one modified by zibo.

I have found no EL AL livery for any of these 2 aircraft.

If you want to make one yourself, it is a very hard work that can be done with either photoshop or gimp. Check if you can find a paint kit for this aircfart, it will make your work easier.

All the best to you.
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Hi gmorag,

Also try using Plane Maker.

This product came with my disc version of X-Plane 10 and I presume it is supplied with the digital version of x-plane 11 and or will be supplied with the disc version when released.

Happy creations


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