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Hello please help me, I'm not understanding this.

I run on a GT 940MX and is using 8GB of RAM on a i5. I've got 64 Bit Window's 10, But for me in the Resolution Menu, it say's 1366x768 32 Bit.


I recently got a crash with this as the ID : 0x80000000000000 . If anyone has any Idea's, I spent all my families money on this, and if it doesn't work, I'll be devastated.
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Just tell me how to launch in 64 Bit. [X-Plane 11].

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Color depth is 32 bits and has nothing to do with cpu architecture's 64 bits.
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Also you  don't tell us what version of X-Plane you're using. And you should post the log.txt for members to see if it register something of the problem.
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[1]. What are you saying Ice pdb?

[2]. Where would I find that?

[3]. I reopened X-Plane, and I couldn't find any sign of a crash in the "log" txt.
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Simple, in the resolution menu, the 32 bit you see is the COLOR DEPTH it's 2^32 colors = 4294967296 total colors,...

X-Plane 11 is ONLY 64 bits! it doesn't have 32 bit version like X-Plane 10.

and log.txt is in the root folder of x-plane. 


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