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Hello. I've bought x-plane 10 before. Then I bought a new laptop. After installing x-plane, I updated game for the last version and the game does not recognize my external graphics card. Actually performance of my laptop can afford max graphics setting for most heavy games (4'th generation core i7, 16 GB of RAM, AMD Radeon R9 M200X 2 GB 128 bit) but x-plane recognize only Intel HD Graphics. is there any solution for situation like this? I'll be very pleasured if you could help me.

P.S. Sorry for grammar mistakes))

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I have no idea why that might be. Try to file a bug with Laminar Research on this (google X-Plane bug report), and maybe take this question to one of the dedicated X-Plane sites (like, where your chances are better that someone had the same problem.

Good luck, Jan