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Flyinside requires SteamVR so I just want to make sure that if I get it from this website it would integrate with Steam as well and I would be able to run X-Plane 11 in Flyinside VR.

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Depends what you prefer. Steam is better because of integrated community hub, but some people are old fashioned and don't like it. Both versions are identical.
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I wouldn't call us old fashioned. Some of us just don't want Steam getting in the way of our flights. It's no secret that Steam adds some memory and CPU time when a game running steam is loaded. In addition, there are times where Steam is not always compatible with addons (across a lot of games) and you have to have a special steam-version of the addon made (although, not sure that this applies to X-Plane or not). Some stuff makes since to get it on steam and other times it does not. For me, unless there is a good reason to get something on Steam, I will try to get it by other means to save myself some RAM and CPU time. In addition, Steam can cause some games that have their own DRM to lock you out of your game (See BlackShark 1 for an example). Steam would cause the BlackShark 1 DRM to reset everytime it would get a patch. Since you can only activate it 10 times (when you would normally uninstall you would run the deactivation app in the install folder) unless you run Steam in offline mode, it would always update the game and you would lose activation. They finally were forced to pull the product and people like me were out $80 without a refund. Since X-Plane 10/11 have their own DRM I didn't trust Steam to manage it properly. But that's just my own experience that has caused me to become sour against Steam.
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You're just wrong.

Blackshark issue was caused by developers because they implemented a DRM on top of steam DRM. This is not related to steam at all. Good riddance, such developers shouldn't be allowed on steam.

Steam is more convenient. All the addons work.

Steam is not a DRM itself, it acts as DRM only if developers want that. There are plenty of DRM free games on steam. I'm not sure but i think X-plane 11 has no steam DRM.

If you worried about cpu and ram usage with steam open, then you need a new computer. It's the most popular platform for games, if it would interfere with game's performance it wouldn't be so popular.

Laminar put x-plane on sale few times a year on steam. Like it is now 34% off.

Steam doesn't manage it, laminar manages it through steam. It's for laminar to decide what DRM to use, when and how often to update the game, what features to add etc.
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First off, your reply is your opinion. It's just as easy for me to say your wrong and I would be right in my own opinion so you can't say I'm wrong, you can only say your opinion.

Second, Steam has had many mistakes with DRM in the past even with games that do not include any built-in DRM. And your comment about addons for every Steam game working is incorrect because there are a ton of addons that require specialized versions just for Steam in order to bypass the DRM issue. X-Plane 11 DOES have Steam DRM. All games require Steam DRM. You cannot even develop a game and put it on Steam without Steam adding their DRM to do.

The easiest way to prove this is to share your Steam library with a friend (you can do so with the Steam Game sharing feature) and you'll find that while they are playing X-Plane on their computer at their house Steam will tell you that you cannot play it since your DRM seat is in use.
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Just stop talking nonsense. Check wiki and see for yourself that there are DRM free games on steam. It's up to developers.
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Funny how Arma 2 and Baldur's Gate 2 are both on that list and both have DRM. I own both of those games.

It should also be mentioned that X-Plane isn't on the DRM-Free list which makes me think you'll have to deal with both. IF you are going to show a list of DRM-free games be sure the game in question by the OP is actually listed.

Either way, this is getting way off topic. The OP asked for opinions you gave yours for Steam, I gave mine against it. It's up to him/her to decide what is best for themselves. Neither of us are qualified to answer it for them since we are not them.