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I have an issue in xplane11

The fuel tank selector is not moving
For example,   i edit the commands on my keyboard
I made fuel right side is number 1
And       fuel left side is number 2
               The center is number 3

When i press any number i heard    the click voice toggle but  the arrow on the box of the fuel tank selector not moving  like nothing happened
Only its working when i click on the mouse
So what is the sense     how can i know its the right side tank or left side  if it cannot be customized
Hopefully for the answer as soon as possible
I feel so disappointed with that

Please aviators vote for my complain  so they will find solution for this

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I have filed a bug report on this so it will hopefully get fixed for a later update.

When you find issues like this, please file them as bug reports here.

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I already did
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This site is for getting community sourced support for questions or common problems. 

The only proper channel for submitting bug reports is via the bug report form linked above. Since I do review the questions here on a fairly regular basis, bug reports may get filed but it is not the recommended or official way to get a bug noticed or fixed by developers.

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Thank u
I think this problem won't be   fixed :(
Really disappointed
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The artist has already said this is fixed for 11.10.
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Fixed for 11.10 what do u mean?

No it's not fixed I'm playing it everyday
Nothing is fix
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11.10 will be the next update for X-Plane. You will not see the fix until the update is released, but there is a fix coming.
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I've been waiting for it
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Ok  after the update its work   well  and i like it
Thank you team  xplane        I'm fully satisfied
Now. I cand continue creating my cockpit
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.. I assume that your are referring to the Stock C172SP. I'm trying to assign Joystick command to my Fuel Selector-Switch (Made by DesktopAvaitor) & it doesn't work and function as desire (-:

An Update;

April 2019:  c172 DsktoAvaitor Fuel Selector is fully functional