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Hi everybody, I'm building a home cockpit for the C172 and for connect the cockpit with X-Plane 10 I would use the ArdSimx Plugin.

Now I'm building the exact annunciator panel (and not the wrong annunciator panel's of the default's cessna C172 of X-plane10) and i'm searching the dataref for the fuel quantity of the right and left tanks for turn-on the led when the fuel is low level. I found the low fuel dataref but non for every tanks but for the general low fuel indicator.

I hope you understand my bad english.

Thanks and ciao

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You can find the full list of datarefs (or commands) under Resources folder > DataRefs.txt. It will list the exact dataref and a short explanation, such as:

sim/cockpit/warnings/annunciators/fuel_quantity    int    y    boolean    running out of fuel

If you don't see what you want, it might not exist.