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I just splashed a chunk of this month's pension on X-Plane 10.   It wouldn't install until I downloaded an installer.  Then it wouldn't run because it said I'd moved some files ("No,No.No") which I hadn't.  Then it insisted it needs a serial number to register.  The number printed on DVD11 doesn't work, and the barcode on the box doesn't.  So where do I get mny serial number?  There's nothing in the instructions.

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If you purchased the DVD set, you do not need a product key. Simply insert DVD Disc 1 and it will unlock X-Plane from demo mode.
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Thanks.  I tried that, and got the  usual message:

I cannot open the graphics interface file.  It seems you have moved this file out of the X-Systems folder.NO! NO! Create a shortcut if you want...

So it still doesn't work.

No, I haven't moved a file.  It's in exactly the folder where X-Plane installed it.


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Please make sure X-Plane is installed to the desktop. If it is installed anywhere else, file permission issues can cause strange behavior and problems.

You can also try running the installer again and choosing the option for update. The installer should find any modified or missing files and fix (or replace them) as necessary.