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I have a 2015 Macbook Pro and a windows desktop.  Can I run XP 10 on both with only one purchase?

Also my mac has a 500GB hard drive and I don't want to hog it with XP.  What is the minimum HD space I need to install XP?  I am not that concerned about scenery just want the flight simulator or can install a limited area of scenery.


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I think it would be possible if you use the DVD version of X-Plane, not the serial number version.

The DVDs hold both formats, PC and Mac. Just install the appropriate version, then make sure your DVD 1 is in the drive when starting X-Plane. You might even be able to run it on both simultaneously, just remove the DVD after starting on one, then move it to the other.

The total diskspace is fairly low, the version installed on my laptop with quite a few areas of scenery clocks in at under 20GB.

Cheers, Jan
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Thanks Jan,

Unfortunately my laptop does not have a DVD drive.  Maybe the Thumb drive version?  Then I have to pay a premium for the thumb drive.
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I faced the same problem and solved it by getting a (cheap) USB-Blueray drive. I think thats money spent better, because you might run into similiar situations with other software, or might want to watch a Blueray movie on your laptop sometimes?

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Thanks Jan,

That would work but then I have to carry another item when I travel and would rather not.