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I need to buy a laptop to play Xplane 10 but I'm so confused with all the processors. Can an intel core i5 5200u run Xplane 10 smoothly?

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You will experience overheating issues with a laptop especially because x-plane is a very demanding application. I have a custom built pc. Consider a Desktop. X-plane isn't ideal for a laptop unless it cost $2500 or more. Lol

First up try the demo of X-Plane to test your system. As for your processor, it is decent although I would recommend a processor with 3 or more ghz. Depends on your budget of course. You haven't stated your graphics card however. You must have 2 or more gb of vram to get the best experience. I get 30+fps without HDR (I don't think it does anything, RTH solves my problem)

My Specs

Msi z87-g41 mono Outdated 4 yrs old

Gtx 970 4gb vram

My processor is 4yrs old so I need to upgrade i7 4770k @3.5ghz

16 gab RAM
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Thank you very much☺. The laptop will come with a 2 gb of vram.
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That's fine then

Have fun

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