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In x plane 11 108.7 in antalya does not show any glide slope information .The plane is full established on course 182  with the localiser  centered at 3000 feet and 8.2 dme as LIDO chart  7-10 ILS DME 1  for antalya says but there is no glideslope information ? the glide slope marker stands still on the center with no available data from ILS which continues with a possible overshooting from 3000 feet .Can you guys  check this problem fast ? I am going to have a simulator assessment in an airline  company and I need to practice ils with 737 800 for antalya LTAI for runway 18C.Thank you for your concern.
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I tried another one for Samsun LTFH rwy 13 with 110.1 set for ils dme  and yet again I can't get any glide slope information plane confirms the app mode in a/p full established at 8.2 dme but does not start descending Is there any setting that I might be missing for getting glide slope information for 737 800 ? can you help me about it
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Hi, can you include your X-plane 11\log.txt

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Well, I tried approach 18C at LTAI with Laminar Research B738, first with Navigraph navdata update, then with Lamninar research default navdata only. Everything was fine, as you can see on this screenshot :

I suggest you launch the installer to either update or check if any file needs to be repaired.

If no improvement, try and delete (or move for backup) your X-plane 11\Output\Preferences folder. You will need to restore your settings after that.

Any feedback will be highly appreciated, that's all we can say for now, without your log.txt.


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Well ,first of all thank you for your answer.
Weirdly I have solved the problem by switching to another plane .I don't know why but sometimes it did not give any glide slope info with 737 and when I restart flight with a c172 at same airport  at 10 nm approach the glideslope started working again.Then I switch back to 737 and it gave the correct glide slope information. And I did not know why.Today I did a repairing from steam(file check) and it downloaded something sized 12kb and I don't have any problem anymore.Thank you again for your kind answer.
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Wonderful, happy flight and all the best for your simulator assessment!