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New user and Love your program!  My problem is probably inexperience but can't find an answer elsewhere.  When I try and set up an ILS approach for practice, I choose the the 10 mile approach and set the cloudbase at 1000 feet AGL and cloud tops at 5000 feet.  I set my altitude at 3000 ft.  I file that as the flight plan.The ATC gives vectors for approach and tells me to maintain 3000 ft.  I hit the localizer and turn for the airport the ATC tells me to "report airport in site" (like a VFR landing) and when I cross the glide slope and start to descend the the ATC tells me to "ascend and maintain 3000 ft" and vectors me away from the localizer.  I must be filing the flight plan incorrectly but can't figure out a fix.  Do I need to do a STAR route approach?  



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Hi, my guess is that your destination airport has no ATC implemented in WED (if you could say precisely where you are practising) and it's a bug in X-plane 11.05r1. This will probably be fixed in X-plane 11.10, which should be available in beta testing very soon.

You should file a report here only if the problem still happens in the next X-plane release :




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