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I am running XP11 (11.05r2) on OSX High Sierra (just upgraded). In comparison to the older Mac OS Version (Sierra), I just saw that I have a performance loss of about 10 - 15fps, that is pretty much. Is there any way to fix it and is that a XP11 bug or a mistake by Apple?


Thanks a lot!

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Hi jshockey,

I am not with Laminar Research.

Have a look at the following answer provided by Laminar Research 4 days ago which can be found at  http://questions.x-plane.com/13203/x-plane-11-05r2-%26-osx-high-sierra  

Hope this helps.


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Hey glenfer, 


thanks for your answer! Well, High Sierra was published some days ago - it's available for everyone now, not only for developers. 

By the way, I just did a fps performance test ( http://www.x-plane.com/kb/frame-rate-test/ )

and got 48 fps with test code 1 and test_flight_c4.fdr , that seems pretty good. 

After that, I restarted X-Plane 11 and got about 22 - 35 fps depending on the aircraft. So that looks like the frame rate is varying from time to time - for what reason ever. 


Hope this may help, too. 


Best regards

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