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HI there, I read many posts about X-Plane 11 and graphic problems with MAC OS-High Sierra. Unfortunately I never saw a solution. My specs are IMAC late 2013 with 32GB Ram, Nvidia Geforce GTX 780M 4 GB and a 500GB SSD-Drive.

The moment I updated to High Sierra, X-Plane was not "flyable". I downloaded the latest Nvidia Drivers, deleted all preferences and also did a ???-Ram-delet (with cmd function R P). Whenever I start X-Plane, all seems ok untill 5 to 10 min. after take off, framerate drops from about 35 to 1 or 2 or 5 or 0.4... not flyable from this point of time. 11.05r2 seems to be a little bit better than the 11.10b releases.

As far as today I never read any more solutions than the mentionned above. Hopefully there is more out there, otherwise X-Plane is not flyable for me any more.

Thanks and sorry for my english, which is not my native language.

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We are aware that some people are seeing issues with X-Plane & High Sierra. We have filed a bug with Apple and are waiting on response from them.

You can try changing the rendering options (fullscreen vs windowed for example) in X-Plane to see if it helps temporarily. Or if you have a backup you may be able to roll back to an older OS.

We believe we may have found a fix for mouse cursor issues in 11.10b8 (should be out soon) but I would recommend keeping a 11.05 install separately before trying 11.10b8 in case it is no better for you.
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I just want to confirm the same issue with High Sierra and XP11.05/10r2.

I'm grounded until this gets resolved