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How do I stop this happening every time I start X-Plane 11. I believe it may have something to do with my SpaceNavigator yet even if I unistall it's drivers and application software the problem continues - so maybe not!

Having trolled through the system Device Manager I cannot find a device on my computer with an ID of 48879. Within X-Plane I have set the device buttons  to "Do nothing" and set all it's Axis to Ignore and saved them as default for the device yet still the problem happens. This is very annoying!!

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Please attach a copy of the log.txt from the X-Plane folder.

Edit to add: We have actually seen this issue before and it is due to the SpaceNavigator. If possible, I would recommend unplugging it when using X-Plane and using a traditional mouse instead.
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Hi Thanks for your message. I have removed the SpaceNavigator and I have also calibrated the rogue device by setting all its axis to ignore and buttons to Do nothing yet the problem is still happening. I have attached the log.txt file as you requested. Many thanks Chris.



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...Hi again, With just my mouse connected the only device that X-Plane detects is the rogue one!

See Log.txt



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It is showing up in your log as well. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of further help I can give since it's totally specific to your system. Something on your computer is inventing an HID device and Windows is telling X-Plane "I have such-and-such device, with such-and-such axes", and X-Plane has to take its word for it.

Have you tried restarting your computer since removing the SpaceNavigator & its software/drivers?
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Hi, Thanks for your message.

I have physically removed SpaceNavigator hardware and ran clean-up software after uninstalling it's drivers.... and guess what... the rogue controller is no longer seen by X-Plane.

 Re-installing SpaceNavigator re-introduces the problem but after selecting the "ignore" button X-Plane does eventually starts but it is painfully slow to reach the cockpit screen. 

I have configured the rogue device VID:48879PID:1133(SpaceNavigator)  within X-Plane to ignore all axis and it's buttons set to "Do thing" and saved the configuration in the attached file.

It would be nice if X-plane could be told to permanently  ignore the device rather than having to do it yourself every time X-Plane is started!





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