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Hey guys,

I have a problem with my joystick.
if i try to connect my joystick with my computer, everything is all right. But when i join in to the game, and go to the settings joystick, the answer is no joystick is available. i tried a lot of things. It started whit a other USB-port and finished with a restart of the computer. And if i try to set Settings in Steam, it is possible to give them options, for an example back or forward, or up and down. But not in the game. It is not available.

My stick is a logitech 3dpro. But in steam is it available.

So i am very confused whats happen. So what should  i do?

thank you for your answer.

Best regards

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Hi Attalas,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Your stick is available in X-Plane if you performed the installation correctly.

You ask "What should I do?"  Take your problem to a steam forum.  This forum is for the genuine, official and original version of X-Plane produced and developed. by Laminar Research.  

Despite what the steam version log.txt file says about X-Plane being from Laminar it isn't.  Steam is a third party modified hybrid version of the genuine version taking a commercial advantage of the development work done by Laminar.  It installs differently to the extent the steam version  X-Plane directory is at a level 5 sub directory starting with the "Program Files (x86) directory" then two steam sub directories directories thereafter.  The Laminar version installation is quite clear in advising not to install into any file structure which is part of your operating system.

Laminar does not support steam.  There is no connection with either party.  If you try to purchase steam through Laminar they direct you away from their site.  Steam will not and does not mix and match with the Laminar version.  The steam version only updates a few days after an official release is made available by Laminar.  Steam does not provide Beta versions.

I don't support steam because it is taking a commercial advantage with no payback to the developers being Laminar Research.

Good luck in solving your problem.

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Make sure the joystick is plugged in. If that doesn't help maybe it dosent support the joystick.

Btw what joystick do you have?
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Hi Jonnythejet,

Read the original posting.

and hi Attalas,

I don't know what the stean version requires but if you were using the genuine version of X-Plane from Laminar you would need to ensure the usb connection from the joystick is connected to a USB 2 port.  Not a USB 3 port