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Is there plans to change the lighting of trees in Xplane 11? E.g. in this image one can see the odd lighting bug of trees. They are bright and rendered "flat" even though the light is behind them. I hope there is going to be a solutions at some point because in some situations it look kind of odd :-)

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I haven't seen this sort of issue before. Please try X-Plane 11.10 once it is available as a beta to see if the issue remains or might already be fixed by rendering changes we made.
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Hi, it's still there in X-plane 11.10r3. Forests rendering is shiny when the sun is ahead, not especially in the field of view.

Seen with GTX970, at every rendering setting. Let me know if I need to be more precise.
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File a bug with a complete log.txt and screenshots of the issue and your rendering settings. Make sure you have the latest graphics card driver as well.


ETA: Also make sure you remove any add ons to see if they cause it, first.

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The report is now filed. I do respect the bug report guidelines :

No addon, everything up to date.