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I have tried to install xplane11 vers. 11.05 several times on my desktop. App starts allright but gets stuck when asynchrone download is completed after new scenery files have been updated. This is quite frustrating.

Any idea how to work around or straighten this flaw out?


Appreciate any helpful comments.

Best, Stefan


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Hi Stefan,

It sounds like you might be having issues with updating the installer as well as running X-Plane. If you have the DVD set, please insert DVD 1 into the drive then launch the installer from Pick the option "Update" and let it run. If it hits a problem please attach a screenshot of the installer screen.

Then try to start X-Plane. If a flight will not load, please try accessing the settings screen and turning down the rendering options. Your log shows you have an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 GPU which might not be powerful enough to run X-Plane at high graphics settings.