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I was currently flying to KSFO in the Flight Factor 777 when I got this message (Application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware) and then the X-plane stopped working. The game is good but it's let down by these other issues. Has no-one experienced this problem before?

I'm slowly getting angry

GTX 970 368.39 driver

imageDownload file Log text

How do I solve this?


closed with the note: Downloaded 347.88 which fixed it

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Hi Rishi,

First, we may have already covered this, but I highly recommend installing X-Plane to the desktop. If it's not, it can cause permissions issues. All kinds of weird and seemingly inexplicable things can happen in that case.

Otherwise, internet consensus seems to be: perform a full wipe of your drivers and do a fresh install of the latest revision drivers.
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Thanks I'll make sure to do that