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I tried to update my x-plane installation to the latest version but if failed with the following error 2:404,

(To verify this I have installed a further version on my PC but the problem remains),

Any hint ?

Thanks Klaus

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404 errors generally mean the website could not be reached. Please check your internet connection first. If the problem persists, please attach a screen shot of the installer error and the installer log.txt file.

It could have been a temporary issue as well. How much time did you allow between tries?
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it still not working ..

Fact: I reinstalled X-plane from my "some years old" Version 10.00 r01 version. So far it works BUT even when I start x-plane it said it can not connect to the net. I have installed 2 networkadaptors on my PC. Could it be that X-plane is looking to the wrong one ? What can I do ?


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Hi Klaus,

What exact steps are you following to update? Are you trying to download the installer from the new version alert within X-Plane? Have you tried the latest version of the installer from

The image definitely makes it seem like you are not connected to the internet. If you can confirm your internet is working, perhaps X-Plane is blocked by a firewall or something similar?

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I'm surely connected to the internet. I also deactivated the firewall (and Avira) of my Win10pro OS but still same error . Also the latest installer was used.

I started the installer and selected "update x-plane" and followed the further setps until the error occur


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I was not able to reproduce this. I could update X-Plane from both my Mac & Windows10 computers.