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Hi guys,

As well I got some issues while installing the xplane 11.

below you find my installer log. 

Could you please have a look on that and let me know asap. 

thank you,


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Similar installation error occurring this morning when installing a fresh instance of X-Plane 11. Please advise.

0:32:24.862 E/INS: Error processing HTTP Error 404 (File Not Found) (C:\jenkins\design-triggered\source_code\app\Installer-f\ins_tasks.cpp:356)

0:32:24.862 I/DLG: Displaying alert:


0:32:24.862 I/DLG: An error occurred during installation:

HTTP Error 404 (File Not Found).

You can continue with the installation and attempt to repair the damaged files later, or you can cancel the installation.

0:32:34.692 I/DLG: User decided to continue.

1:01:57.435 D/WIZ: Advancing from wizard step "Install" to "Finish"

Clean exit from threads.

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ive had the same error 404 recently, after hours and hours of trying to reinstall scenery, I did notice that when i ran the scenery installer that the previous selected scenery area inwhich i had the error installing did in fact install even tho i did get the error. Try installing scenery a section at a time, thats what i did. I did notice that the error did occur (during the final minute or so of scenery download/install) when I was trying to install the easter europe, russia, asia  scenery areas. Hope this helps.