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I am using the basic XPlane 11 scenery with one payware airport (Birmingham-UK2000) . There are no aircraft stationed on the ground at any airport, even though buildings and road traffic are present. I'm new to XPlane, having migrated from FSX.
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Hi, can you include your ...\X-plane 11\log.txt?

Can you indicate more specifically what airports you tested?
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Thank you for your offer of help. I have tried at Naples, Nice, Innsbruck, Birmingham and Bristol. All with no luck.

I think I have attached the log.txt file (above). I'm not certain that the attachment has worked, as I have not used this system before. If t has not worked, please let me know and advise how to insert attachment.

Thank you 

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I don't have any clear idea about it, but surely Laminar Research will give you an answer later.

In the meanwhile, can you rename "X-plane 11 (3)" into "X-plane 11"?

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