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Do you need to buy the dlc’s to spawn at gateways? I really want to start playing x plane 11 but I need my research! If you guys could help me thanks! I love flying but I need to know this stuff!!

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Hi Syncronize,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Could you please be more specific/precise/informative with your question instead of providing virtually no information and asking about certain types of TLAs.


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If I understand your question correctly, you’re asking if you need to make additional purchase of airport scenery to be able to spawn at a specific airport.  The answer to that is no.  X-Plane comes with worldwide airport database.  However as default, the less popular/well-known is the particular airport, the less details are being depicted (buildings, taxiways, surrounding scenery accuracy etc.).  There are hundreds of “DLCs”, free or payware, available for download.  They may provide significant enhancement, but aren’t required.

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