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This should be simple.  In xplane 10 and pretty much every simulator I ever used it was 'B' to quick set it.  I don't think that works on 11 and they have made setting up and searching the keyboard shortcuts 10 times more complicated than ever for some reason I can't find it.  Has anyone else??
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Actually I think just clicking the knob is supposed to do it but it doesn't set it correctly.

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I assume you have been flying 'toy' flight sims until now, which simplify all the things. X-Plane is a real player on the market and is (almost) as real as it gets. Hence, you need to know the altimeter value and just click on the right side of the altimeter setting knob to increase the set value or the left side to decrease it. Try it the hard way, gives you much more joy than just clicking 'b'. Same as flying the real thing...
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Lol. Actually I fly the real thing and it’s not as difficult as hovering the mouse exactly where it needs to be. Also I am a long time user of X Plane and while I like the detail, as stated in original post some details are highly unnecessary. This being one. About the equivalent of making you wash the windows before the flight.
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Sorry I didn’t state that it was unnecessary was thinking of my similar post about setting the radios