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I use the control tower to guide me to airports. Recently, right after being asked by the controller to inform him/her when the field is in sight, the controller will tell me he is "out of range" and that I should "switch to another frequency" which is usually not available. It doesn't matter what airport I'm approaching. I know it worked before, but the issue occurred in the past few days. Please help.

Also, my altimeter constantly has a reading of 100,000 ft and I don't know how to change it or reset it. Any ideas?

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Your first question: strange, never happened to me.

Second one: probably your altimeter setting is badly wrong, change it to the current one or just 29.92inHg or 1013mbar, that should give you more accurate readout. If you use old style gauges, just turn the Kollman's knob on you altimeter, or if you use G1000, here's the manual, page 19.

Hope that helps.