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xplane 10 seems to simulate excessive amount of dust when landing helicopter on field and/or icy/snowed surfaces. I've actually been in helicopters and landed in snow and on dry and loose surfaces of grand canyon but none had any significant amount of dust to be concerned. However, with xp10, it is virtually impossible to land anywhere but heliport, bridge and roads,  or airports. Some field seems more dusty than the other but that seems like a random luck. Some times heliport are situated with open field but dust cloud make it impossible to land.

Is there way to reduce these excessive dust clouds?


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If you play mobile there is no option to reduce the dust.
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In X-Plane 10.50 (currently in beta testing) there was a dataref added to control dust:


0 is none. 1.0 is X-Plane default. and also
you can add… MORE!