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For many months now - through 10.5 and now the 10.1 beta, my ATC window has been missing. No matter how I try to call it up, nothing appears. My suspicion is that it was either dragged off screen, or is so close to the edge of a screen, that I can't see it any longer. I've deleted preferences and it remains MIA. Any advice on how to either reset its location or gather it to a space where I can see it?

Many thanks.

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The ATC window cannot be popped out and moved offscreen in X-Plane 10.

In either X-Plane 10 or 11, if multiplayer networking is turned on in settings, it will turn the ATC box into a chat box, so double check that setting.
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Brilliant JRoberts

Have been pulling my hair out with this one for ages. Sorted. Thanks