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I’m desiring to build a computer that will run x-plane 11 full out or to the best abilities of the computer I’m thinking 17 7700 or i9 cpu gtx1080 ti 16gb gpu 64 go ddr44400 ram, 1tb ssd for os and programs then another for flight sim prgms then a 4tb wd Red for library the mb is yet to be determined ps at 150-200% of requirements oculus rift already purchased. What do you recommend for a rig that will last for five to ten years?


Im hoping to build a dual os system that will support win7 and OS X win 10 is required for future upgrades.  I prefer xp over fsx that I used for decades I think the first was sublogics v2 on the c64 then I switched to a 8088 with FSInsider of the time then 95,98,2000,2004,on thru the final fsx.  I have so much invested in hardware, software I could have sent my daughter to college on it but she went anyway.

I like the current xp11 just wish to get a system running that would let it preform my current systems are a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro.  I can give specksas they tend to be maxed out that why I’m looking to build the new screaming system that will Support xp11 and oculus rift flight simming.

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Impressively Spec'ed Machine that you are proposing to build.   Did you consider the latest from Intel:

Intel® Core™ i7-8700K Processor  ?

As for a Machine that lasts 5 to 10 Years:

- Yes, Quality Components and Upgrades could keep you humming along that long, but at some point software complexity and requirements will exceed your ability to keep pace.   Each new Version of X-Plane has severely stressed the machine hardware built to fly the previous version.    But by building at the Hi-End, you'll hold Obsolescence at bay for as long as possible.

BOL - Let us know how your Build Turns Out
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What motorboard and gpu do recommend
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Is there any differences in performance to xp11 on a PC running win 7 or running win 10 or OS X?