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After I put my X-plane on the Public Beta agian and I tried it, I couldn’t put it back on the non Public Beta version.

My steam said that a file was locked and that is couldn’t update because of that. I think the file is called ‘breakpad.h’ and I can’t find it on my mac.

I wan’t it back on the normal version of X-plane because my game isn’t running as well as it used to on the normal version and because of this my game will automatically puts my gamespeed on 0.7x. For my virtual airline I am not allowed to change my gamespeed.

Thanks in advance
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Well.. Steam
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Been using Steam for over 15 years with no problem.
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Steam is great. Just a problem with a locked game file.

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I don't know if you tried that already, but this is what i would do :

1. In Steam, right click on x-plane, properties, and untick beta
2. Write down where x-plane is installed. You can find the path this way :
In Steam, right click on x-plane, browse files (or something like that)
3. From Steam, uninstall X-plane
4. From your file explorer, delete the entire X- plane  11 folder (thanks to step 2)
4. Install X-plane again and this time, it should be the latest stable version.
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Thanks, I'll try this.
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It worked I can fly again.

Thank you.
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Will Steam uninstall the game?
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I have uninstalled and installed it again, but steam automatically putted me on the beta again.
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I would suggest going into X-Plane's properties and unchecking the box to participate in betas. I would expect Steam to reset it back to 11.05. (That is the basic process for installs that use the X-Plane proprietary installer at least.)
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After doing that my steam says it can't update because of a locked file (breakpad.h) which I can't find in the X-plane folder on my mac.
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Most likely it is a hidden file. Does restarting the computer help at all? Sometimes it fixes baffling things.