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Hello everybody! Tell me, I again have trouble with a blue fog or not clearly
  what is it and how to deal with it. At approach to UKMM again after clouds all became blue.
It was all good and the earth can be seen and then everything turned blue again. I attach a screenshot.
Metar UMKK 221730Z 12004MPS 090V150 9999-RA OVC008 06/06 Q1014 R06 / 29 // 55 NOSIG RMK QFE759 / 1012

How to beat this?

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You've got so many additional plugins, you should first suspect one of them (or maybe a combination of them).

You should disable some of them and observe what happens. This can be done via x-plane plugin menu.

If you can't find the culprit, you should start from a clean copy of x-plane and install your favourite plugins one by one until you see the problem appear again. I'm not sure if and how you can install a second copy of X-plane via Steam.

Once you've found the culprit, you should directly contact its developer. This forum is mainly for X-plane default install.

All the best with that,
Guillaume AMELINE (not affiliated with Laminar Research)
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My first guess would be SkyMaxx pro. According to the METAR, you shouldn't be able to see the ground at 5000 ft. So something might be wrong with the overcast cloud layer rendering.
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Thank you, I'll try to put a clean one. And how can I still install if not in steam?
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I tried disconnecting both XP NOAA and SkyMaxx pro and did not help
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I made a bit more research and with Steam licence, you can only install one copy of x-plane. So if this really annoys you and finding the culprit is too complicated, the fastest solution could be to start from a brand new install. Uninstall X-pane, make sure there in no file left and install it again. Take your time to install plugins and test x-plane in between. Hunting errors in your log.txt might help too, disregard language errors.
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And how can I understand from the log file that there is an error somewhere? I looked through it, there was no mistake
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You don't always find clues in the log.txt, but it is sometimes helpful. It was mainly a tip for "good practice".