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When I'm flying in the sim everything works fine, but 8/10 times the sim crashes for no reason after being frozen for 5 mintues... Its driving me crazy!!!!

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

These are the crash report files.... I just dont get it.

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Hi, can you include your ...\X-plane 11\log.txt? The one created after a crash.
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Only have this one.

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If you are trying the 11.10 beta, I would recommend you go back to 11.05 so that you can actually enjoy using X-Plane for now. The best way to do it is to keep two installs so you can use the stable version when you get tired of the buggy beta testing version.
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I've tried the 11.10 beta a while ago, and changed it back to 11.05 so that shouldn't be the problem
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X-plane should NEVER be placed at the root of C or any other location where there could be file access restrictions.
Move the entire X-plane folder to your desktop and try again. I haven't even looked further into your log.txt
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It did it for someparts, but it just crashed again... 

crash report: imageDownload file / 




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Hi, I could only look at your log.txt because I Don't know how to read crash reports. Maybe someone from Laminar Research will take a look at it later.

First of all, maybe the time on your computer is not accurate, but your log says it has been generated on the 26th of August...

The main thing I can see is that almost none of your addons are up to date. You should first fix that before asking for help.

Most of the time, crashes are caused by third party addons, and  mainly plugins. One way to identify which plugin causes the crash, is to disable them, one at a time, from X-plane plugins menu and observe the result. It's a very long process that only you, can achieve. Sometimes you have no option but to uninstall them, which is the most reliable test. If you are able to identify the exact plugin causing the crash, the next step is to report the problem to its developer.

Another action can often miraculously solve problems :
Delete (or move for backup) the entire ...X-plane 11\Output\Preferences folder. This will clear all your settings, but often gives good results.

So, in the right order :
-Update all your addons
-Delete the Preferences folder
-Check if the latest beta solves the problem :
For that, in X-plane installer, tick the beta box. You can later revert to the latest stable version by running again the installer and unticking the beta box.
-carry out experiments to try and identify the guilty addon, then contact the relevant developer.
If this fails, you can then go the next step :
-install a second clean default copy of x-plane (by running the installer) and if the problem still occurs, file a bug report here :
Follow carefully the instructions.

More information about troubleshooting here :
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The latest beta is currently 11.10b5, as you can see here :