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I have installed X plane 11.05r1 and i am experiencing random crashes.

Ive already tried reinstalling the game. 

Those crashes occurs randomly. Yesterday my game crashed twice after applying reversers (was using 11.02) and today it crashed after loading into the cockpit (11.05r1). 

Can you help me ? 

I am providing Log and Crash reports. 



OS: Windows 10 Pro
GPU: Radeon HD6850 (Temporarily - My main GPU is on warranty repair.)
Plane: FF Boeing 757-200RR

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Please try removing all plugins and see if it helps. You can also reset to default preferences temporarily to see if it helps. Go to the Output folder & move or rename the entire preferences folder. Then you can put it back if defaults make no difference.

If you can figure out anything the crashes have in common, that will be the most helpful thing to do. Does it occur with the same aircraft? Location? After you do the same thing?
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Tried without plugins and crashed as well.

As i said those crashes have nothing in common. Sometimes it crash during loading, sometimes after i start to move the aircraft, sometimes it doesnt crash at all. The weather conditions doesnt metter as well.

 So i am thinking that the reason is probably the temporary GPU, because i wasnt having this type of issues wih the old one. (The game didnt crash even once, just the driver did.. :/)

Hope the new card arrive soon so i can prove this.