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I keep getting the message "There was a problem with the authentication server. HTTP Error 503 (Service Unavailable).

What does this mean? At first it was downloading just fine and then I received that message about 10 minutes into the download and had to cancel installation. Now it won't start at all and I keep receiving the same message.

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i have the same Problem :-(
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same here too, but the 503 part of the error as just gone, it just says there was a problem with the authentication server now
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Me too. The servers seem to be down. Been trying for several hours.
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Yea I'm getting the same message too. Dropped an email to info@x-plane.com for help.
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Are you still unable to install X-Plane? I was able to begin an install just now. Hopefully it was a temporary problem.

Otherwise, please check your internet connection at your computer. If you are still having problems attach a copy of the installer log.txt and perhaps list what country/state you are in to see if it's a single area that's affected.
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I was just able to install it. Looks like a temporary problem.
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Indeed it looked like a temporary problem with the servers. Was able to install it along with the western Europe scenery earlier today, but now it seems to be happening again and I can't download any more scenery :/
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I have the same problem! nothing is fixed.  25.10.2017 12:50 UTC - central europe

I bought XP11 in january this year I think, when it was beta, since than I have not been able to install it. First the download servers were down or unstable and I was never able to complete the hughe download. Now I thought I give it another try, and now the authentication DRM server doesnt seem to work.

So I downloaded a pirated copy of XP11 with a crack included, works like a charm. If anyone finds this thread on google like I did, I suggest you try to get a refund with your creditcard company and just go for a pirated version. They do not deserve your money. And I assure you Laminar, I will never buy one of your products again.

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