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My Mac is running OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.3

It is a MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011)

It’s Processor is:  2.4 GHz Intel Core i7

It’s Memory is: 8GB 1600MHz DDR3

It’s Graphics are:  AMD Radeon HD 6770M 1024MB


Which X-Plane should I purchase…..9 or 10?

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Please feel free to correct me

Honestly laptops aren't the ideal machine for x-plane 10. The MINIMUM requirements to run x-plane 10 is 2.5ghz processor, at least 1 gb of vram and 4 gb of ram. You have just the minimum when it comes to your processor and graphics card. If I were you, I would either get a desktop or buy X-plane 9. If you get 10, your rendering settings WILL  not look good and overheating is a constant threat for Laptops especially. What exactly are you looking for? Amazing Graphics then your machine will not run good with X-10

My specs for comparison( I can run X-10 on medium-high settings)

MSI z87-g41 motherboard

Nivida gtx 970 4 gb vram

16 gb RAM

I7 4770k Haswell @3.5ghz
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I was a huge fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator and made to change to Mac and have been looking for something that was similar.   So you feel X-Plane 9 would work ok on my Mac?
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Same here I loved Fsx, I just switched to x-plane 1 month ago cuz FSX kept crashing on me. Remember that FSX is limited to 4gb of RAM. But keep In mind that FSX is 32bit so it is less resource hungry whereas x-plane is 64bit thus it destroys your pc performance if you crank graphics up.  

Do a little more researching cuz I don't have the "perfect" answer. It is all based on your preference.
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I think I'll give X-Plane 9 a try....Thanks for all of your help..!
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Shoot WAIT download the x-10 demo on their website to see how it performs on your system
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I noticed on the X-Plane page, that X-Plane 9 had a free upgrade to 10.
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Then I suggest the X-10 demo to test your system capability
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The Demo is better than my answers cuz in rendering options set it to low then crank each of the settings up till your pc can't handle it anymore. See how you like it :)
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Thanks Rishi for your input.  I'll try the demo then and move forward from there.


Thanks again,


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Glad I could help you

Good luck and enjoy!