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The Stock FMS HSI Course Pointer does not function properly in the FMS Mode

After setting up a flight plan in the FMS.  I select FMS on the Display Controller and NAV on the Guidance Panel.  The aircraft navigates via the FMS flight plan and the moving map show the magenta navigation properly, however the HSI course pointer stays in cyan (Preview)  and does not point to the course.  The HSI course pointer works properly in VOR/LOC.

I have found this to occur in the X-Craft ERJ 198, XLS and the CL300.

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Please contact the developers of the add on aircraft you are using.
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I did contact X-Craft about the ERJ-190 and they advised it appears to be an X-Plane problem.  Do you have a model in which the HSI course pointer is working correctly?
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If they think it is our bug, they need to file a bug report through the proper channels and provide us a coy of the aircraft so we can investigate. :)

If you can recreate the issue with a default aircraft, you can file a bug here for investigation as well.