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I have a problem after the update on the gps 530

When i click the zoom out or zoom in button   the gps 530 the. Simulator will  hang for around 15 seconds to 1 minutes
It's kinda annoying
Is there any solution

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Hi, I was unable to reproduce that with default X-plane 11.10b6 and the default C172. Can you send your X-plane 11\log.txt file for more details?

My computer is running Windows 8.1
CPU I5 3.5GHz
8 Gb RAM
X-plane installed on SSD drive.
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Thank u we have the same pc
Except the ram mine is 16gb
And  1050 it 4gb
I figured out the problem
U need  to minimize the graphic things
It was all very  high
I just made it high only  and it became alright works  well