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GPS530 worked correctly in XP11.05 and since uploading the XP11.10 version it does not track the correct headings in GPS or VLOC mode when using the autopilot.  When either flying in GPS or just a heading mode it is way off course.

The G1000 works fine in regards to tracking during autopilot and seems to be working fine in all regards, although the MFD will not pop out like the PFD. This problem has only happened since uploading the XP11.10 update.   I have tried reloading the GPS 530 and 430 and to no avail.  Since I can't go back to the 11.05 version this makes using XP very limited to just the G1000.  I only fly the GA aircraft so this is very annoying.
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I have the same issue, I fly a lot with the SAAB 340 but since the update I can't use the Garmin 530. It also doesn't work in the Carenado B1900d. Hopefully we will get a fix soon.

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Here below the answer of Carenado support for the same issue :

"X-Plane now automatically randomizes the gyro drift when starting from cold and dark. Here are two ways to work around it for now:
A) Assign a keyboard key or joystick button to Nav & Radios --> Indicators --> "vacuum DG sync to magnetic north". Simply press that key or button after the plane has loaded, and that should sync the gyro drift.
B) Alternately, you can edit the aircraft's .acf file to permanently fix this (we'll release this fix in an upcoming version) :
0. Make a backup of the plane.
1. Open the "*.acf" file in a simple text editor like "Notepad++" for Windows, or "Text Wrangler" or "BBEdit" for Mac.

2. Search for "P acf/_otto_ah_source_type". You should find two lines, like this:
P acf/_otto_ah_source_type 12
P acf/_otto_dg_source_type 12
3. Change the "12" at the end of both lines to "11", like this:
P acf/_otto_ah_source_type 11
P acf/_otto_dg_source_type 11

4. Save the file.
Now when you load the plane in XP11.10, the autopilot should follow the HSI, no matter what the vacuum drift dataref says. This same fix should also work on other planes that end up having this issue."




PS in my opinion, for exploiting the best of X-Plane which give the most realistic flying experience, it is preferible to assign a joystick button, or a keybord key. I dit it and it adds realism at each turning point to check alignment with mag.
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I did the adjustments under the "P acf file" and now it is working great.  Thank you very much for the assistance.  It is much appreciated.