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Hi there,

Ive noticed the feature under the graphics settings section that allows a second monitor to be used for 2D panels only, however every plane I've tried (including ones with 2D panels in built as well as planes with 2D panels I created myself specifically for the second monitor) doesn't return any visuals on my second monitor. It either says "This aircraft has no 2-D panel" or is a black screen

Any help would be much appreciated

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None of the default aircraft are equipped with a 2d panel in X-Plane 11. So you would need to use an aircraft that comes with one (most likely older aircraft designed for the older version of X-Plane). If the plane comes with a 2d panel that isn't displaying, you can file a bug here. Be as specific as possible about the exact plane & all the steps you take to see the issue.

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I have been experiencing this issue myself as well. The default B-52 and C-130 included with X-Plane 11 show a black screen when in "2-D Panel Only" mode, but show a proper 2D cockpit when in "Full Screen Simulator" mode. I was testing with X-Plane 11.05, and once I did the update to 11.11, it seems to be working now. Thanks for fixing this!

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