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since i installed OS High Sierra i can not use X Plane 11 on my iMac 27" retina 5 K and AMD Radeon R9 M395X

where is the problem ? what can i try to have it work ? the program starts, but then i find my aircraft sitting on the parking lot and the various menu at top of screen do not appear and it frees there, i must go to forced leave to go out. hope a fix can be found soon !

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Hi pargentino,

I am not a Mac user or associated with Laminar Research.

In reading some earlier Q and A's in this forum ( a few months back) my memory tells me that High Sierra was released after the release of XP 11.  Others like you who updated their OS at the time of release of High Sierra were experiencing compatibility problems.

In recollection of the answer from Laminar Research, the provided answer indicated that the problems was with the operating system and not X-Plane.  

Hope you find a solution.

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hi Glenn,

you think Apple is concerned about X-Plane not working with High Sierra ? they do not even know what X-Plane is and will certainly change the OS because of Laminar. the job has to be done by Laminar, more and more Mac user using X-Plane will switch to High Sierra so the sooner the better a solution is found to this problem.

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I've recently got a new iMac with an i7 and 8Gb graphics card.  I updated to High Sierra yesterday.  X-Plane 11 (using the latest beta) seems just fine.  No floating menus, and my plane starts up where I ask it to be.

I wonder what's happening.  Maybe it's worth reinstalling the operating system (without wiping your data and programs, of course!).

Also, before trying that, it may be worth cleaning it all up with the latest version of Onyx.  Worth a try.  Clean out the caches, rebuild the launch services, etc.  May not help, but you never know.
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Sorry, I added an answer as a comment below.  See if my possible solution works.