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Regardless of any above answers,  I have had no problems running my two iMacs as an IOS Master and IOS Instructor stations with any version of OS including High Sierra,  or any version of XP. until XP version 11.10r1.

 I flew last night. this morning, when I started XP, I received the update notice and updated both my computers to 11.10r1. The IOS station map does not function.  It shows the current starting location but does not move or update.  The Master IS receiving data from the Instructor, but the Instructor is NOT receiving any data from the Master.  So, no updates on the Instructor's  side. Neither log show any problems, neither have any crash messages or missing files messages.

I have copies of the betas so I can roll back.  My worries are as Roberts stated, "we won't  support this feature anymore".


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hallo mick,

i have a similar problem.

my external view has also a fixed position. the plane doesnt move in the external view.

my system is windows. on xp10 everything works fine, no issues with lan.

until version 11.10r1 i had a flickering external view. now the view is fine but no movement. it seems that there is a big bug in the network connection in xp11.


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same Issue like above described by Mike and Christoph.