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Never completes. Tried deleting files and reinstalling to no avail. Doesn't get to main menu. X-plane log attached. Any help would be appreciated.    Thanks, Dave

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Never mind, Got it. Needed a reboot after it froze.
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I also have been having this problem, ever since loading V11.

On the rare occasion I manage to get it to load up to the point where I can actually fly the plane, then it seems to load within a minute.

All other times, the blue bar just crawls along the screen and by the time about 15 minutes have passed, and the logo on the taskbar shows the program is not responding, I give up and have to force close the program.

I also have cleared the preferences and rebooted, as has been suggested by others, but no change.

I have reloaded the software more times than I care to count. It just is not reliable.

I have sent a request to the helpdesk with my log,txt file, but just got a reply from someone who had obviously not read my query and asked me to send my log.txt file.

I have FS2004, whch runs every time and also gives me two separate, selctable views which I miss dearly in XPlane 11, but when XPlane does work, it is such a more realistic simulator. I want to upgrade my graphics card, but until it works reliably, am not prepared to spend a few hundred, just to find it still does not work.

I have an i7 processor and 16G of ram, but just cannot understand why there is this random element as to whether it will complete the load before just freezing.

I'm glad that a reboot appears to have solved your problem - oh that it did mine.


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Hi Dave,

How long did you leave it before you decided it was "frozen" and not going to progress past this point?  The same kinda thing happened to me the other night for the first time and I thought it was frozen but I left it for a few more minutes and it loaded up. I thought it froze too but it must have just been a stutter or something. (was one off because its now back to how it was and loads in reasonable time.)


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I left it for about 30 minutes while I was doing some other stuff. I did just get it to work though. I forgot to do a reboot after I did the last re-install. Rebooted my pc and got to the main menu finally. Thanks for the response !!

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Oh yeah, Id definitly class that as freezing then or atleast freezing on loading screen. Im glad to hear you've got it to work and yes alot of the time a reboot works a charm with technology.