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 Today I re-installed X-Plane 11 and tried it without the update but still no success. Attached two Log files. I also sent a crash report

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Yesterday I googled for the Blue Screen errorcodes. One of the possible fixes got my attention: "Reduce overclocking settings". As my asus overclocking settings were on "extreme" I set the performance back to normal and I was able to start X-Plane for the first time after many days.

Thanks for the support on this site!

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Thank you - this fixed it for me as well. Somehow I managed to forget that I'd been screwing around with my overclock settings in the BIOS the evening before I started having all the crashes!
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looks like there is a problem with the default cessna172. The last entry in both your logs shows xlua plugin for that aircraft is being loaded. Noticed you are using the 11.05r2 version of x-plane, please upgrade to the latest (stable) one, the problem might be gone.

Happy flying.
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I tried the removal of the Cessna. Unfortunatly x-plane requires this plane to start.

:00:25.708 E/SYS: | X-Plane is missing the aircraft "Cessna Skyhawk", which is required by the tutorial system.
0:00:25.708 E/SYS: | To get the missing file, re-run the X-Plane installer and select "Update".
0:00:25.708 E/SYS: | Doing so will replace your missing files.
0:00:25.708 E/SYS: |
0:00:25.708 E/SYS: | (mission_acf.cpp:102)
0:00:25.708 E/SYS: +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
0:00:25.708 D/STM: Transitioning from state state_InitialLoading to state_ShuttingDown
0:00:25.708 D/HID: HID Bridge Shutdown
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As second step I did the x-plane update with the effect that the start of x-plane will cause a blue Screen (of death)
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Hello, looking at the log.txt, the default Cessna Skyhawk is at fault here. If you have not updated the sim, you may want to do so now as marys54 said. Cheers! -TwelveYearOldPilot